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Sales Management Software

Piwania sales and distribution management ERP efficiently and conveniently supports the management of all sales processes. The module help organizations increase sales, profit margins, and customer satisfaction by automating the entire order-to-cash cycle, delivering orders on time, accelerating sales processes, reducing operational costs, and boosting productivity. The module maintains extensive customer information, defines pricing, tax information, generates sales orders, manages picking, issuing, packing and shipping operations, and checks credit. With comprehensive reporting options Piwania sales and distribution management ERP helps organizations to maximize the effectiveness of sales team and increase revenue.

  • We manage your sales processes efficiently and effortlessly
  • Manage the complete sales order lifecycle, as well as all post-sales activities
  • Motivate your sales force by offering sales commissions, profit sharing and bonuses.
  • Improve service delivery by tracking time spent on services and analyzing profitability
  • Drive sales by facilitating customer engagement across all sales channels
  • Provide detailed information and advanced statistical analysis of sales process
  • Reduce cycle time to process orders
  • Eliminate order processing errors
  • Improve sales, service and marketing effectiveness
  • Efficient management of complex sales processes
  • Facilities the management of all stages of the organizational sales activities from the offers to order, from the delivery notes to the invoice and credit notes.

Sales Management


Piwania Sales Management Software - Features
  • Detailed customers/ business partners/ dealers database including bank details, TDS details, contact details and credit limit.
  • Target setting for executives
  • Tracking delivery schedule
  • Order tracking through status and transaction reports
  • Tracking sales return
  • Flexibility to define customer- specific prices for products
  • Complete export documentation for export oriented companies
  • MIS for analyzing sales trends to project and forecast sales.
  • Comprehensive tool to manage your sales inbound and outbound of your business
  • Assign sales force, track levels and activity of the sales within your business
  • Map sales records to individual to create better clarity for your sales team and your managers
  • Sales activity mapped with inventory provides you forecasting benefits and revenue optimization
  • Effective reports and robust operation modules ensures, all your sales force activity account for productivity and profitability.
  • Handles pre-sales and sales activities of the organization
  • Complete stock-to-dock tracking of sales order processing cycle
  • Variance reports


Piwania Sales Management Software – Benefits
  • Instant availability of all inventoried items
  • Integrated customer credit and account balance
  • Taxes automatically calculated
  • Automate all paper work required ; order confirmation, invoices
  • Handles back orders and partial shipment
  • Commission tracking and calculation
  • Track and manage inquiries, quotations, order generation and processing
  • Streamline and automate contract and billing cycle management processes.
  • Motivate sales force members with valuable incentive programs.
Sales Management Software