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HR & payroll Management Software (HRIS/HRMS)

Piwania HR & payroll management ERP solution automates not only the complete employee pre-recruitment to retirement functions in an organization but also gives key strategic insight to the management giving on demand MIS enabling proactive decisions. Piwania HR management ERP solution can streamline all your HR processes by keeping track of employees attendance, leave, travel, transfers, reimbursements, payroll, benefits, compensation, training, performance reviews, talent management, , competency management and much more on a single platform.



Huaman Resources Management ERP - Features

  • Web Enabled / Client server architecture
  • Completely scalable
  • Flexible work flow management
  • Auto generation of Birthday / Anniversary greetings
  • Analytical / Graphical Dash Boards for CEO, HR Head & Line Managers
  • Intelligent Auto Reminders / Alerts / ‘To Do’ notification on the system
  • Alerts & Reminders on Mobile phones and official email ids
  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Powerful Search, Summary, Reports and Queries
  • Sample Letters / Templates
  • Critical MIS Reports
  • Enhanced Security system
  • Retrieve Archive files
  • Embedded HR best practices
  • Extensive Tool tip features
  • Time Sheet Management


Huaman Resources Management ERP – Highlights

  • Recruitment - Vacancy creation, Action Tracking, Candidate Evaluation, Appointment Letter
  • Leave Management - Leave Application, Approval, Reporting After leave, Leave Encashment
  • Reimbursement - Employee Expense/ Reimbursement Claim form, Approval
  • Loan - Employee Loan Application, Approval, Disbursement, Balance Tracking, Auto deduction in pay chart
  • Asset Management - Employee, Department, Location wise asset tracking, Transfer, Sale, scrap
  • Admin Material Management - Requisition, PO, GRN, Issue Request, Issue Note
  • Transfer - Branch, Division, Department etc with complete history
  • Employee Gate Pass - Short Duration Gate Pass with optional deduction impact
  • Employee Trouble Ticket - HR/Payroll related trouble issue raising and solution tracking
  • Tour/Deputation - Tour/ Deputation records with auto presence marking in payroll
  • Appraisal - Employee periodic remark, Evaluation Criterion definition, Periodic self/ senior appraisal
  • Attendance Process - Auto calculation of absent due to late in/early out based on rules configured, Compensation for working on Holidays as per rules
  • Overtime - Overtime calculations based on Daily Attendance, Pay calculation
  • Monthly Attendance - Direct monthly total attendance , Leave, unpaid leave, Overtime input if not connected with time machine
  • Pay Process - Monthly payroll generation, Pay slip generation, auto Statutory updating, Pay slip emailing
  • Statutory Requirements - ESI, PF, Professional Tax, TDS related periodic returns
  • End of Service - Termination/Resignation Process, Auto Full & Final calculation with leave, bonus, indemnity, Notice salary, Loan, Finance Debit, assets in hand etc.


Huaman Resources Management ERP – Reports Covered


  • Recruitment Cost v/s Actual
  • Interview Schedules
  • Recruitment Requisition Form
  • Candidates On-hold / Selected / Joined
  • Turnaround time for hiring
  • Plan v/s Requisition v/s Joined
  • Pipeline status
  • Standard letters such as interview letter, reject letter, offer letter

Manpower Planning & Control

  • Manpower Budget V / S Actual
  • Manpower Cost Budget V / S Actual
  • Separation List
  • Skill Inventory
  • Job Function Wise Analysis
  • Grade Wise Separation Analysis
  • Retirement Due
  • Employee Eligible for Gratuity
  • Age Analysis
  • Experience Analysis

Performance Appraisal

  • Performance Appraisal Period Wise
  • Increment Promotion
  • Employee with ‘ X ‘ Performance Rating
  • Performance Appraisal Not Received
  • Performance Positions Summary
  • Confirmation Due
  • First Increment Due

Promotions & Increments

  • Company Wise Assessment Summary
  • Employee Growth Report
  • Employee Stagnation Report
  • Increment / Promotion Trend
  • List of Promoters
  • Job Function Wise Increment List
  • Grade Wise Assessment Summary

Other Miscellaneous Reports

  • Birthdays / Anniversaries Due
  • Company Accommodation
  • Loan Disbursement Summary
  • Loan Outstanding Summary