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Project Management Software

Piwania project management ERP software is a modular solution that helps simplify project planning, tracking, accounting, expense tracking, Enterprise resource / capacity planning, time and billing and many more. Our solution enables project managers and team members to maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to actively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every engagement. Piwania project management ERP software gives you real-time access to all of your project information. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients and reduced non-billable work.

  • Deliver complete visibility and control
  • With our solution, you can see, monitor and manage project status anytime, anywhere.
  • We makes your project planning and management quicker and easier
  • With Piwania you can quickly get real-time information on costs, expenses, revenue, profits, project status, schedules and issues, ensuring successful project management planning and delivery.


ERP Software For Project Management - Process Includes
  • Compile detailed requirement analysis and scope of the project
  • Project life-cycle development and control
  • Research & development related to technology and service deliverables
  • Risk analysis
  • Cost analysis, estimates and financial control
  • Role and responsibility planning
  • Contract administration and documentation control
  • Implementation planning & project procedure scheduling
  • Timeframe planning
  • Communication procedures
  • Quality control
  • Training & skills transfer
  • Technical documentation
  • Project handover




ERP Software For Project Management - Features

  • Flexibly assign resources at the project level
  • View the entire project plan with an easy-to-read chart view
  • Identify and view task assignments in an intuitive chart format
  • Record project issues down to the task level, and track them with descriptions
  • Generate pricing estimates for pre-sale projects from underlying project plan and staffing model
  • Track changes to the project plan over time using baseline functionality
  • Manually override user cost at the project level
  • View pipeline reports, gaining visibility into future entERPrise revenue and profit opportunities
  • Easily create project-level and date-based budgets
  • Define budget categories to identify different budget items within the total budget amount


ERP Software For Project Management - Benefits
  • Helps you deliver projects on time and within budget
  • See project performance by easily monitoring project status
  • Gain real-time collaboration for your project teams
  • Estimate project profitability and generate forecasts
  • Get top-down visibility into work breakdown structures
  • Establish project budgets and track project costs according to budgets



ERP Software For Project Management - Reports
  • Project Group Analysis
  • Project analysis
  • Sub project analysis
  • Site analysis
  • Unbilled revenue register
  • Order closer register
  • Material requisition from site register
  • Material issue request from site register
  • Material issue at site register
  • Material recovered back from site register
  • Time sheet register
  • Time sheet analysis
  • Pending time sheet
  • Unbilled Vs invoice register