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Production Management Software

Piwania manufacturing/ production management offers easy-to-use production management capabilities that support production planning, dispatching, production status monitoring, managing bills of material, shipping control, reporting of production activity and many more activities. Piwania production management is designed for specific needs of manufacture industries that help organizations to get the production on time, and on budget.

  • Piwania production management improves efficiency of manufacturing operations
  • Provides real-time visibility and management control
  • Streamline production life cycle
  • Keep up-to-date information on the components and sub-contractors used to produce your product, better balance lead times, reduce inventories, and improve cash flow.
  • Manage all aspects of receiving materials, returning goods, shipping finished goods, and executing subcontract work.


Piwania Production Management – Feature
  • Production planning
  • Manufacturing resources planning
  • Production planning & scheduling
  • Product development
  • Rejection and scrap reporting production issues
  • Receipt and returns
  • Material and order based estimation
  • Master production scheduling
  • Define and edit multi level Bill of Material(BOM)
  • Manage quality assurance documents
  • Useful reports on production management
  • Product costs - standard Vs actual
  • Monitor rejected material
  • WIP tracking
  • Daily consumption and production
  • Stock transfer sheet from different process

Piwania Production Management – Benefits
  • Accurate comparison of planned and actual production data
  • Monitor progress of any activity, including mining, transportation and processing
  • Visual representation of your operation to monitor all activities and rapidly respond to changes
  • Manage production down to the shift level and assign resources
  • Monitor equipment performance to control costs and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Visibility of all operational key performance indicators and control of outliers across the operation
  • Track your material in real time
  • Arrange your operations efficiently
  • Have validated information whenever you need it

Piwania Production Management – Reports Covers
  • BOM master listing
  • Raw material procurement requirement as per production planning
  • Comparison analysis between actual status Vs Production Planning
  • Department stock ledger
  • Department rejection ledger
  • MIS analysis of costing of bill of materials
  • MIS analysis of consumption and production