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ERP Solution for Manufacturing Management

Piwania ERP for manufacturing companies’ helps production enterprises to plan complete production process and assists manufacturers control labor costs, simplify labor compliance, identify areas where productivity can be improved and many more. Piwania ERP software solution for Manufacturing can be customized and used by all related industries. Our deep domain knowledge helps manufacturers develop every connection in their organization's value chain, from product development and procurement to logistics and after-sales support.


Manufacturing Process

Product Master > Bill of Material > Process Route > Material requirement plan > Job order > Work-in-process > Finished goods

  • From concept design to production, Piwania solution offerings and strong vertical market expertise can help direct your collaborative manufacturing management efforts.
  • Our solution help to improve how you manage your most important business processes – from procure-to-pay, make to stock, order-to-cash – fully integrated with efficient financial processes.
  • You can also automate procurement transactions, optimize financial margins, and manage suppliers, capital, and risks.
  • Manage entire sales cycle, from order generation to post- sale activity
  • Optimize procurement and logistics cycles for requisitioning, invoicing, and payment processing
  • Leverage predefined processes to improve discrete, process and repetitive manufacturing
  • Increase your finance department’s efficiency by automating processes and reporting functions with accelerated financial closes


Key Offerings