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Inventory Management ERP Software

Inventory management ERP solution is full featured and high-performance inventory management module, controlling inventory, tracking items, ensuring optimal stock and significantly increasing productivity. We deliver a complete inventory management from item movement, purchasing, sales, order fulfillment, service and returns, data collection and accounting.

  • We provide superb possibility of sharing information
  • Gives unique opportunity to create powerful multi user inventory management system
  • Makes stock management smooth and simple
  • Allows successfully running business through productive inventory management services
  • Designed it (inventory management system) for quick implementation, ease-of-use, and real-time inventory accuracy
  • Cutting-edge technology - more secure, more specific and more spectacular


Inventory management ERP solution for control and tracking of warehouse or point of sale inventory. With inventory management ERP you can improve inventory visibility, reduce inventory levels and control inventory operations.

  • Inventory management ERP solution with barcode scanning hardware allows for a complete inventory management.
  • Through barcode technologies, you can quickly identify inventory throughout your storage, handling, and distribution processes.
  • Through, barcode, printer, label and many other facilities we help you create a robust inventory management system to bring accuracy and visibility to inventory control
  • We provide the functionality needed to ensure your inventory data is complete, accurate and ready for your customer.
  • We provide businesses with access to a world-class system with real-time inventory visibility and collaboration.
  • Inventory management allows you to consolidate your disparate inventory tracking and control systems into a single inventory management system for material in every stage of the product or production lifecycle as well as for your different business types.


We give you a variety of tools to reduce your inventory levels as well as provide multi-mode inventory capability that helps you control all your inventory operations.



Inventory Management ERP Software – Feature

  • Separate categories
  • Create and manage multiple stores per customer
  • Edit inventory
  • Regular updates on out of stock products
  • Informative dashboard to get all inventory info at a click of a button
  • Map stores by importing valid areas, sections, shelves, categories, etc.
  • Update inventory package as data is received from the customer
  • Basic and advanced report generating feature to give up to date info on the inventory status
  • Feature to export reports on to Excel, PDF and other external file formats
  • File barcode can be mapped against each ‘SKU’ and many more…


Inventory Management ERP Software – Offerings

  • Item classification into divisions, sections, departments.
  • Item detail with multiple attribute and categories.
  • View reports with images
  • Sample management
  • Dead on arrival
  • Real time view of inventory levels with in depth inventory analysis
  • Track floor stock, warehouse stock
  • Track goods movement through various stages at barcode and package level
  • Inventory valuation on FIFO, LIFO, Average and Last purchase.
  • Inventory movement (opening, purchase, sales, consumption, closing) at quantity and value
  • Road permit tracking for all inwards and outward movement of goods
  • Inter-stock point transfer and reconciliation entries
  • Negative stock alert on each inventory movement


Inventory Management ERP Software – Advantages

  • Faster inventory turns - Reduce time by limiting inventory movement and improving the accuracy of inventory records.
  • Reduction in inventory paperwork – Significantly reduce paperwork traditionally associated with warehouse operations as well as ensure timely and accurate flow of inventory and information.
  • Reduced dependency on warehouse personnel – Facilitate standardization of inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory locations. This standardization helps to minimize dependency on informal practices, resulting in reduced training costs and lower error rates.
  • Enhanced customer service – Streamline processes from order to delivery, accurately determine product availability and realistic delivery dates, and reduce returns as a result of increased shipment accuracy.
  • Improved labor productivity – Maximize efficiency while reducing labor costs by incorporating several inventory picks into one, reducing warehouse handling.