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Finance Accounting ERP Software

Finance Accounting ERP Software can help your organization transform its finance and accounting operations into a cost-effective, strategic business asset through proven technologies and service options that align with your business needs and support your goals. We provide business accounting software, focused on such functions as accounting, customer relationship management, government management, human resources, fixed asset management, and contact management as well as provide industry-specific applications for customers in fields of construction, distribution, retail, contracting and manufacturing industry.

Finance Accounting ERP centralizes all of your organization’s core financial data and enables you to take advantage of global opportunities.
  • The ledger will offer you greater efficiency and drive productivity.
  • Centralized data enables decision makers to make informed decisions that speak clearly from your firm’s financials.
  • Your ledger will maintain data integrity and even streamline financial reporting routines, which are customizable by user.
  • Your firm can operate with greater transparency and less confusion.
Finance Accounting ERP Software – Offerings
  • We help to manage account in an integrated manner. Make accounting easy by preparing chart of accounts that have all major groups like liabilities, loan funds, assets etc.
  • Prepare and manage general ledger, sub ledger and cost center through chart of accounts.
  • Create Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (AP) vouchers. Tag date, group name, sub ledger etc.
  • Create sub-ledger by entering details like name, class type associated Permanent Account Number.
  • Create journal to maintain record of business transactions along with ledgers affected by each transaction.

Finance Accounting ERP Software – Features
  • Implement and adapt predefined chart-of-accounts templates
  • Manage accounting transactions such as journal entries, journal vouchers, recurring postings, and posting templates
  • Manage multiple currencies for accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Create balance sheet, profit and loss, and other financial reports

Controlling (or Cost Accounting)
  • Define and manage budgets
  • Handle payment terms, customer reminders, and cash collections
  • Manage direct and indirect expenses and revenues for multiple cost centers
  • Maintain distribution rules for automated revenue and expense allocation.

Banking and Reconciliation
  • Manage incoming and outgoing payments with cash, checks, electronic bank transfers, and credit cards
  • Process bank statements and perform automatic reconciliation of your ledgers
  • Clear multiple accounts receivable and payable invoices automatically in batches
  • Print check batches and generate check and payment reports

Finance Accounting ERP Software – Benefits Controlling (or Cost Accounting)
  • Manage costs and improve profitability
  • Forecast cash-flow accurately
  • Streamline accounting operations
  • Expedite month-end closes
Banking and Reconciliation
  • Automate reconciliation
  • Minimize payment roadblocks

Finance Accounting ERP Software – Highlights
  • Chart of Accounts - Configurable Chart of Accounts as per schedule 6A
  • Ledger Attributes - Configurable GL Attributes – Cost Center, Project, Employee etc
  • Statutory Tracking - TDS, WCT, VAT, Excise, Service Tax
  • Budget Control - Attribute Based Budget Configurations and controls
  • GL & Party Sub ledger - Enables Drill down for sub detailing of any GL as well party
  • Default GL Configuration - Automate posting by mapping default GLs for different documents
Bill wise payment/ outstanding
  • Cash Receipt, Cash Payment - Handles Cash and Petty cash transactions
  • Bank Receipt, Bank Payment - Cheques received and deposited, cheques issued
  • Cheque Return - Complete track on cheque Return
  • Bank Reconciliation - Automated Bank reconciliation
  • Sales, Purchase Journals - Input all sales and purchase transactions other than core business documents
Sales Purchase DN/CN Journal
  • Reversal Journal - Automated rectifications for wrong transactions passed
  • Adjustment Journal - Financial Journals
  • Recurring Journal - Automate periodic Expenses Vouchers
  • Primary/Secondary Books of Accounts - Ledgers, Cash Book , Bank Books, Journals
  • Financial Statements - Cash Flow, Fund Flow, Balance Sheet, P&L, Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliation
  • Attribute Analyses - Cost Centers, Project, Employee
Asset Management
  • Asset Register - Asset Register with options for automatic depreciation (straight line and reducing balance)

Finance Accounting ERP Software – Reports Covered
  • Balance Sheet(General/ Comparative) 
  • Income Statement 
  • Cash Flow Statement 
  • Trial Balance 
  • Group Wise 
  • Control Account wise 
  • Subsidiary Account wise 
  • Sub-subsidiary Account wise 
  • Cost Center wise Group 
  • Cost Center wise Control Account 
  • Cost Center wise Subsidiary Account 
  • Function wise Group 
  • Function wise Control Account 
  • Function wise Subsidiary Account 
  • Function wise Sub-subsidiary Account 
  • Function wise Control Account Summary 
  • Function wise Subsidiary Account Summary 
  • Group wise summary 
  • Control Account wise summary 
  • Subsidiary Account wise summary 
  • Sub-subsidiary Account wise summary 
  • Voucher Reports (Posted) 
  • Voucher Reports (Un-posted) 
  • Cost Center wise 
  • Ledger summary 
  • Daily Transaction Summary 
  • Account Receivable/Payable Report 
  • Account Receivable All within a date range 
  • Account Receivable Cost Center wise 
  • Account Payable All within a date range 
  • Account Payable Cost Center wise)
  • Particular Check Payment 
  • Bank Reconciliation

Sales Tax Reports
  • Sales Tax Declaration Forms (Receivables / Issuable)
  • Sales Tax Summary
  • Sales Tax Forms Reminder Letters
  • Sales Tax Account Register (Local / Central / Combine)
  • State wise VAT Returns