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Budgets & Targets Management ERP

Piwania strategic budget management ERP allows you to create budget worksheets and set targets for any time period. The module provides user friendly features and analysis tools for use in organizational planning.

Piwania strategic budget management ERP not only allows sales forecasting plans and revenue plans to be developed, but also provides for materials requirements planning, capacity planning, investment planning, cash flow management planning and many more. It enables you to follow the deadlines for each step of the process as well as help companies to achieve their business goals successfully.

  • Streamline your business planning, improving your accountability and enhancing your expense management
  • Allows you to know how much money is available, how your funds are allocated, what your plans are for them and how far along you are toward reaching your goals
  • Make you know what is going to happen to the money and when
  • Divides your funds into categories of expenditures and revenues
  • Provide complete records of all monetary transactions
  • Allows you to identify unnecessary expenditures

Budget Management ERP Software – Features
  • User friendly interface
  • Departmental budget entries
  • Ability to define seasonal distribution coefficients
  • Development of customer-based and non-customer-based sales budgets
  • Ability to utilize current system pricing models during budget development
  • Automatic generation of the production budget using the sales budget
  • Automatic generation of the budgets for semi-finished goods, raw materials, product storage, and activities using the production budget
  • Manual data entry option for all module screens
  • Ability to compare the planned budget against the effective budget
  • Discount entries for sales budget, and comparisons for gross and net amounts
  • Individual sales goal analysis for sales personnel completed worksheets can be routed to a multi-level approval process
  • Approvers can re-route the budget worksheet to the originator for modifications
  • Consolidate all budget worksheets at anytime during the budget preparation process for organization-wide reporting
  • Create multiple versions of the same budget

Budget Management ERP Software – Benefits
  • Enhance strategic value of finance function
  • Improve business virtuosity
  • Offer better plan accuracy based on sound data and centralized plans
  • Promote the effective execution of business strategy by improving planning across finance, sales, service, support and other organizations
  • Achieve strong fiscal control based on accurate and timely historical data and up-to-date plans
  • Make better business decisions